The Encyclopedia

As I’ve mentioned in my blogroll posts, every once in a while some sort of concept-defining article is posted on the interwebz.  I have dedicated this page to those posts.

Readers, please feel free to suggest other seminal works for inclusion.

Neoreactionary Theory

The Decline of Democracy


The Cathedral/Ultracalvinism


Aristocracy and Egalitarianism


Sociosexual Theory

Commentary and PR Smash-Hits

The Nebuchadnezzar: Tales of Taking the Red Pill Transition

Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Other Liberal Policy Failures

Military-Related Things

Evidence of The Revolution

Documenting the Insanity

Frequently-Used Comedy References

  • “I agree with everything you’re carving on the kitchen table, but do you think, maybe, you feel this way because you’re having your peri….” Dylan Moran: Like, Totally – 55:35


Progressivism: “Its basically someone opening their mouth without even considering if they EVEN BELIEVE what they are about to say.” – DF

Odds and Ends


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