“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.” – H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

“Must be nice.” – Me.

This blog is where I commit my thoughts to writing.  It is currently a work in progress and the format and content will vary as I find my niche.

I see connections everywhere.  Therefore, it is difficult to write this About page, because this blog will cover anything and everything.  I can, however, lay out the themes I will cover:

  1. Unconventional pairings of issues and ideas that I see.
  2. Issues in pop culture and current events that highlight our society’s increasingly severe schizophrenia.
  3. Trends I believe few see coming.
  4. Comedians who have made particularly poignant points about the world around us.
  5. Books I have read and offer new perspectives on important issues.
  6. Blogs that offer points of view completely excluded from mainstream discussions.

I will repeat this is a work in progress.  Some posts may be longer and more thought out.  Others might be things I think are sharing with minimal commentary, bordering on a simple aggregation.  Your comments and feedback will help me determine which way I will be taking this project.

Views expressed here are not necessarily those of any organization I am affiliated with.  Often, the views expressed here aren’t even my own.  Instead, I attempt to examine the views of others and understand their logical conclusions and possible internal contradictions.  I play devil’s advocate once I’m done advocating for the angels to understand both sides of the game.  If you are reading this blog and mad at me personally, you are doing it wrong.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I like this blog and want to include it on my blogroll? The trouble is I find it unclassifiable under (the admittedly imperfect set of my own) labels “Secular Reaction”, “Traditionalists”, or “Whippersnappers”. Which if any do you think applies to you? Congratulations!

    • Please feel free to add me! I think Secular Reaction fits me pretty well. Perhaps the best windows into that are my focus on The Revolution and how the issue of Environmentalism led me to abandon Libertarianism without a political home until I discovered this particular corner of the internet.

      While I am a traditional, conservative person, I also grew up heavily influenced by liberal culture. So, in retrospect, I believed the liberal line “it’s fine for everyone to do what they want,” and I just happened to want to do conservative things. Thus it it feels very alien that I am abandoning my atomized upbringing in favor of an understanding of the value and need for social institutions. While I’d prefer it if humans were such that freedom and atomization in the extreme (anarchy) wouldn’t become total chaos, I am aware there is a good reason that anarchy and chaos are practically synonymous.

      I have no idea what particular characteristics define the “Whippersnappers,” but as a young autodidact with nearly 0 credentials on most of the subjects I write, I suppose that could fit as well!

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