The Revolution: Affirmative Action in Education, and Everything Else

Four good posts pertaining to The Revolution:

Steve Sailer comments on the affirmative action situation in California education:

“Asian-American backlash” – “A legislative push to permit California’s public universities to once again consider race and ethnicity in admissions appears to be on life support after an intense backlash from Asian-American parents who fear it will make it harder for their children to get into good schools. -San Jose Mercury-News”

Sailer comments: White politicians would have to come up with some principled argument framed in Kantian terms for why legislation intended to hurt white children is bad for everybody. Asians can’t be bothered.  The future isn’t going to be terribly idealistic.

Vox offers his translation:

Tribalism comes to America” – Translation: the anti-White White-Yellow-Black-Brown alliance is breaking down because some of the anti-White policies are starting to negatively affect the Yellow population. And since the Yellow population is openly tribal, they’re not about to follow the self-loathing White lead into disadvantaging their own children.

Outsideness comments on a PJ Media post:

“Unspoken Agendas” – Zombie proposes a key to contemporary American politics: White liberals despise black people and can’t admit it. This is smart conservative jiu jitsu rather than anything remotely neoreactionary, but as a wedge to lever things apart, it has some intriguing potential. The central claim of a carefully-elaborated argument:

Indeed, Zombie at PJ Media covers nearly every hot-button issue of the day through this framework in his article: Progressive Racism: The Hidden Motive Driving Modern Politics

  • Gun Control
  • Junk Food Taxes
  • Climate Change
  • The Welfare State
  • Affirmative Action
  • Plastic Bag Bans
  • Abortion
  • Nanny Statism-in-general

Check them out!


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