“Conversation Starter” is the new “Passion Play”

Last week, a report of a woman not letting her child attend the birthday part of a child adopted by a gay couple was exposed as a hoax, put on by a radio show.

Predictably, though, it triggered a lot of outrage before the hoax was exposed.

Of course, the radio show’s intention was noble, they only wanted their efforts to serve as a “conversation starter.”  This neutral-sounding term is an abuse of the words though.

Fact-based symposiums, conferences, essays, editorials…those are conversation starters.  They can help clarify and bring truth to an issue.

Events like these *start* with a lie.  They are fabricated evidence supporting their own argument: create the impression that an injustice has occurred, then demand the “guilty” party atone for their sin.  Rather than start a conversation vectored at the truth, the whole affair generates nothing but misinformation and emotion, leading to passionate but ill-guided action.  Before our new, Orwellian language took root, we used to call these things “Passion Plays.”

In the wake of this event, Matt Walsh did a writeup, pointing out that this sort of thing is happening with great frequency recently; possibly even with greater frequency than real “hate crimes.”

In light of all this, I’m going to hazard a prediction that the discovery of a noose on Ole’ Miss’s “Integration” statue is soon discovered to be a “conversation starter.”  



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