Reading Roundup: 2014-03-13

I’ve finally conceded that Reading Roundups are just going to happen whenever they happen.  Mostly when the pile of links I’ve saved for commentary outstrips my time and ability to write about them all.  Consider these posts as dumps of my notes direct for public consumption.  Yes, many of these posts are from early February.  I’ve been…procrastinating.

Sperm, groceries, and mail: Why bike is best for precious cargo – CNN  I am eagerly awaiting the feminist commentary explaining how the sperm-bike furthers the oppression of women.  Also, please enjoy this photo of the oppression-mobile in action:


Charges filed against female guard linked to Miramar brig scandal – Marine Corps Times  A huge part of the discussion about sexual assault both in and out of the DoD is the definition of “consent,” and one major issue is the double standard that drunken women are “incapacitated” and drunken men are “criminally culpable.”  Good to see the rule of law being applied in this case:

While Bardes willingly participated in most of their encounters, he and his attorney John Hafemann now argue that his status as a prisoner means his interaction with a female guard was legally nonconsensual and tantamount to sexual assault. Hafemann has filed a request for special clemency for Bardes on the grounds that his mistreatment by staff warrants release.

The GOP’s Savior is French – Foreign Policy  I’m still pretty sure even most politically-aware Americans are completely unaware of the resurgence of the Right Wing in Europe, being fueled by economic crises being compounded by terrible immigration policies…two issues which are hot buttons in America as well.  Author makes good points, especially that European nationalism means detaching from the EU, whereas the US conservatives have little to “rebel” against.

Texas Grand Jury Declines To Indict Pot Grower Who Shot And Killed A Cop During An Early-Morning Raid – Forbes  All the more interesting that this happened in Texas, with its pro-law-and-order leanings and hang’em-high stance on crime.  Seems to me that slowly but surely, the War-On-Drugs statist conservatives are losing out to the individual-rights small-government conservatives.

Transgender student to play on Azusa High School softball team – I look forward to more insanity like this.  The more we are forced to face the logical outcomes of progressivism, the faster we will learn our lesson.

Whispers of Dissent Within the Feminist Echo Chamber – Judgy Bitch  JB routinely takes on and excels at addressing a topic I’m hesitant to touch with a 10 foot pole.  It takes a special kind of person to wade through “rape culture” hysterics.

DARTMOUTH STUDENTS CLAIM RACIAL OPPRESSION, THREATEN ‘PHYSICAL ACTION’ – I don’t know where to begin addressing this insanity.  That’s why this link is posted in a Reading Roundup!

West Hollywood’s increasing diversity inspires mixed emotions – Favorite quote from the kind of person the world needs more of:

Gregg Collins, who called himself a “happy, gay, married West Hollywood homeowner,” said both gay people and straight friends visit for “our huge varieties of gay-themed entertainment,” including drag shows, go-go dancers and dance parties. Collins runs a guide to the city’s social life called Gay West Hollywood and has heard some gay people complain that there are too many straight people in gay venues.

“I tell them, if we are fighting for gay equality,” he said, “how can we be hypocrites and complain about it once it happens?”


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