Progressive Panhandling

Can we make that into a neologism for question-begging fallacies in the media which promote progressive ideals?

I’ve alluded to this a few times before, most recently with respect to Catholic teachings on human sexuality, that progressivism works as a process which singles out and conquers the weakest opponent…the one which is “ready” to be conquered.

No, there’s no tin-foil hat-ness going on, these are their words, not mine:

Is America Ready For This Top (Transgendered) Model?

t’s an early morning photo shoot for Glamour Magazine UK. There’s a blizzard outside the window of Jack Studios in New York as the crew sets up in a flurry: Photographers meticulously adjust the lighting, makeup and hair artists arrange their bounty of brushes and stylists hang up racks upon racks of familiar names — Ralph Lauren, DSquared2, Zac Posen, Helmut Lang, Agent Provocateur, Vivienne Westwood.

They’re all here for one person.

“Hi, I’m Carmen.”

The woman in an unassuming black tank top, jeans, simple ponytail and hoop earrings (a staple she would later credit to growing up in New Jersey) introduces herself to the crew — but everybody in the room already knows who she is.

“People know me from a lot of places,” she tells CNN later at her Perth Amboy, New Jersey, home. “Google-dot-com Carmen Carrera!” she laughs.

Carrera first caught a glimpse of the spotlight on the third season of the cult favorite and gif-ready reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The day after she finished the show, she decided to begin her transition into the Carmen Carrera we know today — a proud transgender fashion personality.

There is obvious question-begging going on here; the Progressives are doing what they do best and Conservatives never learn how to do at all: set the stage, define the terms, and draw the battle lines in their favor.  “Are we ready?” is a yes-or-no question, leaving the listener only two options: “Yes, I’m enlightened and on board!” or, “No, I am not yet prepared, I am merely a backwoods troglodyte yet to see the light.”  Handily ruled out are responses such as, “this is irrelevant,” or “this isn’t a good idea.”

Irrelevancy is the category most often and damagingly excluded; I offer as an example the case of “Is America ready for a black president?”  Being the true equal opportunity type that I am, which is to say, one who hold one’s demographic identifiers neither against said individual (which would be discrimination, and is illegal) nor in favor of said individual (which would be affirmative action, which is commonly an openly-stated policy), I believe that the correct answer is that the wrong question is being asked, and the journalist should be fired for such poor-quality work.

See my previous post about progressive discourse tactics: No, Really.  Religious Freedom Doesn’t Belong.


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