No, Really. Religious Freedom Doesn’t Belong.

Recently I caught on to a common tactic in modern progressive discourse: accusing one’s enemies of one’s own crimes.  I suspect it is successful because the bandwidth of modern discourse is so narrow that most media consumers are capable of exactly one of two thoughts on any given subject:

  1. “X is happening.”
  2. “X is not happening.”

In practical terms, this means an arsonist could accuse a homeowner of setting his own home on fire.  The homeowner vigorously replies that he is not setting fire to his house, and the listener then concludes that no one is setting houses on fire.  Progressives can count on their outer-party Conservative counterparts to wage most of their own public relations war for them!

And so, ironically-yet-not-unexpectedly, the day after I posted about the danger to religious freedom under the United Nations, the President of the United States announces that religious freedom is in jeopardy; completely glossing over the significant threats to religious freedom that his administration is responsible for!

I would say “You just can’t make this stuff up,” but dystopian futurist novels have been an established genre for decades.

See my next post about progressive discourse tactics: Progressive Panhandling


One thought on “No, Really. Religious Freedom Doesn’t Belong.

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