Juxtaposition: Public Sexual Imagery

While I’m not a fan of  mostly content-free posts (looking at you, BuzzFeed), I think I might start a whole new category of posts called Juxtapositions, where I just link two articles and let the hypocrisy speak for itself.

So grown adult women are threatened by a statue of a sleepwalking man in underwear and it should be removed out of respect for them…

Realistic statue of man in his underwear at Wellesley College sparks controversy

A realistic-looking statue of a man sleepwalking in his underwear near the center of Wellesley College has created a stir among the women on campus, especially as more than 100 students at the all-women’s college signed a petition asking administrators to remove it…

“This could be a trigger for students who have experienced sexual assault,” she said…

“I think art’s intention is to confront, but not assault, and people can see this as assaulting,” Wang said. “Wellesley is a place where we’re supposed to feel safe. I think place and a context matters, and I don’t think this is the place to put it.”

Meanwhile, it is totally appropriate to have a mural of a smiling vagina in a middle school.

Smiling vagina mural faces removal for ‘inappropriate’ setting in Swedish school

A smiling vagina mural displayed in a Swedish school has been defended by the principal after calls for it to be painted over.

Local politicians deemed Carolina Falkholt’s artwork “inappropriate” for 13-year-old pupils last week, but have since agreed to spend some time debating the issue before taking action.

But Harke Steenbergen, headteacher of Tessin school in Nykoping, admires the mural and “its message”.

“I see many pedagogic advantages to having her art in the school,” he told theGoteborgs-Posten newspaper.

Politician Conny Jackobsson also backed Falkholt’s painting. “Should we censor this just because it depicts female genitalia? Maybe the students think this is a really cool thing, that they have a school who dares!” he said.

How tough it is to decide whether to have one’s cake or eat it.


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