Getting a Little Conceited, Aren’t We?

Recently the subject of my blogging came up while talking with a friend and his wife.  She asked what my “research” was, and I said I’m mostly an armchair philosopher and observer of social discourse.  I have long since realized that the Truth of any given issue only matters to the extent people believe and act upon it; what people think and say is often far more important than what happens to be true.

Or, as my friend helpfully summed up: I do my research in my living room.

Anyway, after the Super Bowl outcome became a forgone conclusion early on, I continued working my way through Moldbug’s works.

My friend’s wife asked, “Are you reading for your blog?”

I heard: “Are you reading your blog?”

I’m not sure exactly how I responded, but I’m sure I sounded ridiculous, because I was trying to downplay the Donald Glover bit that flashed before my eyes:

I’ve been doing stuff with music…and I just put out an EP.  And I was listening it to my car, I picked up…I was like, I want to see how it sounds in the car.  And I picked up a friend of mine, and she got in.  She was like, “Is this you?”  And I was like, “Yeah.”  And she goes, “You listen to your own music?”  I was like, “Yeah, yeah, I listen to my own music!”

Being an entertainer is the only job where you can’t enjoy your own stuff.  Did you know that?  It’s the only job where you can’t enjoy your own shit.  Like, if I made sandwiches for a living…like if I worked at Subway, and I made sandwiches for a living, and then I go home, and make myself a sandwich, nobody’s gonna be like, “Getting a little conceited, aren’t we!?”  Donald Glover, Weirdo (6:30-8:10)

I know they didn’t get to share my own amusement at the confusion and Donald Glover’s bit, so now here it is, for them and everyone else to share!


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