I came across this picture the other day, and decided to use it at my Twitter icon:


It is perfect for my blog and what I am setting out to do.

In my Welcome post, I explained the name of my blog: iParallax.  The point I make is excellently seen in the picture above; although different images are projected on the walls, the object itself has only one true form.  Only by viewing both shadows can the true form be deduced.

I am certain that most people using this image will try to draw the opposite conclusion, something that endorses moral relativism, or nihilism in general.  Yet that would be shortsighted. It is true, a person can’t be blamed for being misled by seeing only one image.  But that is why everyone is obligated to seek out more images as they attempt to determine Truth.  To attempt to use this as proof that all point of view are valid is to declare one’s intellectual laziness; to be satisfied with the first vaguely plausible understanding of their environments.

Keep looking.  Keep learning.







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