Peak (White) Feminism?

One of the rhetorical arguments posed against Affirmative Action is, “Where does it end?  How much openly acknowledged legal discrimination does it take to balance out supposed invisible illegal discrimination.”  I myself frequently point out that I don’t expect Women’s and Ethnic Studies departments to close shop and the end to quotas and earmarked scholarships and other aid.  But it appears I may be wrong after all:

The Civil Rights Act thereby gave companies and feminist activists a financial incentive to promote women of any race. Incentives matter, and quite a lot. Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem just hopped on the bandwagon — they were merely hucksters who made little – if any – difference.

Now, we are getting to the point where white women are no longer seen as deserving beneficiaries of affirmative action.

In Seattle, of all places, white women’s disadvantaged status has been called into question in a major construction project…

Check out the whole article over at The Spearhead.


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