The Revolution: LGBT vs Immigrants

It’s been a bit since my last post on The Revolution.  Last time I covered how immigrants bringing non-female-friendly practices to Western shores were setting up an eventual three-way confrontation between Leftist Feminism, Leftist Multiculturalism, and the immigrants themselves.

Vox makes a case for a similar scenario with LGBT swapped in for Leftist Feminism:

It will be interesting to see if the left-wing gay activists who are so enthusiastic about diversity and immigration will stop to rethink their enthusiasm in light of a series of new laws in various African countries:

Nigerian authorities today began arresting gay men after legislation was quietly approved criminalising homosexuality and imposing prison terms up to 14 years for breaking the new law. Several gay couples were taken into custody in the country’s majority-Muslim north, and rights groups feared that others would be targeted across the West African country….

This is obviously wonderful news for left-liberals around the world, since as we all know, increased government intervention is an inevitable indication of social progress. And given the increased number of Africans in the USA, obviously it will be important for Americans to respect their cultural mores by permitting them to arrest any homosexuals who offend them….

While I noticed reports of these laws being enacted and enforced, I have to admit I didn’t see the connection to one of my favorite topics.  Read the rest of his analysis here.


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