CrossFit’s Sense of Community

Community is a theme often hinted at yet rarely directly discussed in these circles.  We recognize that social organizations have broken down, our culture is becoming atomized, and we worship the individual.  While we have freedom, increasingly we find ourselves lacking a context in which to express and enjoy it.

So tonight I want to point out the CrossFit community, because it really impressed me in a big way these last two days.  I’ve written about CrossFit before, as a response to an article that examined and questioned why an organization and culture of fitness had such a strong sense of community, and a political bent to boot.

I belong to a gym that follows the programming done by Outlaw Barbell.  On Monday, they commented on their blog on an accident with an athlete and presumably coach/gym-owner who had an accident that severed his spinal cord.  I decided to donate to the crowdfunding effort to support him in his recovery.  After all, I prefer private charity to government bureaucracy and it’s important to put my money where my mouth is.  I was stunned to see that $125,000 had already been raised, and it’s up to $167,000 as I write.  It appears the accident happened just this past weekend, so the fundraising site really appears to have raised that much money in just a matter of days.

It sure feels good to be part of a community; one dedicated to hard work, tangible self improvement, and full of the sort of people who make things like this happen.

Please consider donating to Kevin Ogar’s Recovery on


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