“At Least if You’re Stupid You Should Try”

Time for more Katt Williams Wisdom.  In the aftermath of Katrina, he did a bit about President Bush in which he discussed the difference between being smart enough for a job and being motivated to do the job: (starts at 5:39)

…And he’s not just stupid, Bush don’t even give a fuck, he won’t even try.  At least if you you’re stupid, you should try.  He don’t even try, I don’t even know why he go to the press conference.  He don’t even be talkin’ about shit they even be talking about.  They just, “What do you think about the problem in Darfur?”

“You get on that horse you gotta ride it!”

Who the fuck asked him about a goddamn horse?  Then he walk off like he really said some shit! – Katt Williams, Pimpin’ Pimpin, 5:39

This seems worth bringing back up in light of the now-known ACA website development history.  Like I predicted, the bad news made it pretty high up the food chain, but never quite got to the top.  For whatever reason, neither the President nor the HHS secretary made a fruitful effort to schedule any sit-down meetings and discuss the program.  It appears that literally any level of inquiry from the top would have revealed major problems well before they were actually discovered.  It wasn’t a lack of intelligence; it appears to have been just a lack of effort.

The same comedy bit is as relevant today as it was years ago; people come and go from offices, but the problems themselves never change.


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