Encyclopedia Entry: BSG on the military in a police state

One thing that is mentioned, ever so rarely, in these blogging circles is the English Canon.  Students at St. John’s University would recognize them as the “Great Books.”  Students of nearly every other university in America would recognize them as “The Collected Writings of Dead White Males.”  Despite the flowery language used in denigrating them, the point is that progressives had to do away with them as a matter of course.  A canon serves as a cultural anchor; it is to a globe what a meme is to a neighborhood survey.  It was necessary to dethrone heroic and manly tales of adventure, loneliness, and overcoming adversity before a culture of victimology, compensation, and blood-guilt could be installed in its place.

Despite this, there are a number of modern stories that contain lesson  I have found to be particularly poignant, and over the years I have slowly assembled my own canon of sorts.  Unlike epic poems and novels, these conveniently tend to be in movie or TV format and therefore are easily shared on YouTube.  One of my favorite things to do is share these things with people (hence why I watch Firefly every year with a lucky friend or two.)

The first of these clips I will post comes from an episode of Battlestar Galactica.  The context is that the small band humans who survived the Cylon Apocalypse are starting to experience civil unrest.  The civilian leader looks to the military as a ready-made police force.  Admiral Adama refuses to take on that role.  In this short clip, he explains why.



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