“Where Does It Start?”

In yet another discussion with a friend I had over the holiday, the conversation arrived at a point where I was explaining that conservatives sell them short when they rely on religion alone to advocate their views when science, sociology, and economics also offer compelling support for more traditional policies.  After covering a wide range of social, political, and economic issues, she took an aside from those topics and asked a more meta-type question: “So, where does it start?  Where are people going to start learning about this?”  She raised a good point; after all, few people are liable to read the treatises on neoreaction that I’ve been linking to as of late and say to themselves, “Yes!  That is exactly the alternative to traditional conservatism I’ve been looking for!”  My answer went somewhat like this:

As our laws, policies, and social norms become ever more detached from reality, more and more people will suffer under them.  As esoteric and abstract failures of understanding become concrete through the process of execution and implementation, people will learn that we live in a collapsing fantasy of our own creation.  (It’s the difference between the promises made when ACA passed as a law and the failure to deliever the day it came into effect with websites crashing and cancellation notices arriving in the mail for all to plainly see.)  People won’t need to analyze high-level theory because the obvious lies we’ve told ourselves will become even more obvious as they unravel in ways visible in every-day life.

Frustrations in every-day life are going to lead men to reading the likes of Roosh, Heartiste, Athol Kay, Dalrock, Return of Kings, The Spearhead, and so on.  They will come because they’re tired of failing in their lives and looking for advice, whether at dating, or marriage, or in the church, or in family court, respectively.  (While Roosh may have been a little bit hyperbolic yesterday, I don’ t think he’s too far off: “the only support you got are guys like me.“)  From there, they will inevitably be exposed to the bigger world and systems that have created their situations.  Personal experience with observation and reality will translate to greater respect for observation and reality at higher levels of thinking.

The learning will lead to anger, and the anger will lead to change.

And that is where it starts.


2 thoughts on ““Where Does It Start?”

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