Blogroll: Who is M3

The Blog: Who is M3.  Weekly, longish updates which seem to focus on memoir-styled lessons-learned and observations on social interactions.

Why I Like It: The blogosphere is chalk full of guys like Roosh and Chateau talking about what’s waiting at the end of the rainbow for those who choose to wise up to the true ways of the world.  There are also quite a few authors who mock those who “don’t get it” or vaguely recall their own days of “not getting it.”  M3 stands apart with his ability to write brutally honest and personal reflections on the emotional and psychological wasteland of trying to succeed while playing by the schizophrenic rules of modern politically correct society.  The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge that it exists, and M3’s writing makes clear the fate that awaits those who try to please the un-pleaseable.

Best Of: Confessions of a Reformed InCel is the story of M3 working ever harder to win by “the rules” before figuring out the rules themselves were a lie.

Where Anger Leads, though separated by a year’s timespan from Confessions, is in ways an Epilogue to that post.  Whereas Confessions was a memoir, Where Anger Leads is an analysis of the process of experiencing a life-altering paradigm shift:

Men have every right to be angry when they come into the sphere for the first time. They have a right to process that rage and anger after discovering they’ve been spoon fed bullshit all their lives and have to pick up the pieces and start from square one. It’s a difficult and painful place to start a journey from. I know.

I was there.

But where the sphere’s anger differs is that over time, after enough training and knowing what the rules of the game are, thus being able to play the game on an equal footing.. that anger dissipates. We men understand that in order to be taken seriously, we have to undertake the changes required on our own shoulders, own the parts we played in our ignorance of the rules, and rebuild. There may be a lot of bitching in between, but it’s just a part of the journey.

The Sphere is angry, but from that anger is a thousand points of change….The Sphere’s anger is constructive, powerful, raw and liberating.

It’s easy to brag about success and where you are, and infinitely more difficult to recount how you got there and where you came from.  M3 covers it all.  Check him out.


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