Blogroll: Return of Kings

The Blog: Return of Kings.  It’s a collaborative site with several authors.  It covers self-improvement from a serious been-there, done-that, in-the-trenches vantage point.  It also serves as commentary on social issues in the persona of the court jester.  The blog seems to operate under the premise that all publicity is good publicity, and their brutally honest confrontation of popular pretty lies has recently got them mention in some MSM venues.

Why I Like It: I like reading it because it covers a wide range of topics, and there are at times dialogues between various contributing authors that add a layer of complexity to discussions not found on single-author blogs.  Also, wars require all different sorts of forces, and RoK seem to have appointed themselves as the movement’s shock troops.  The apoplectic meltdowns they trigger by pointing out glaring inconsistencies and wishful thinking on the part of their opponents are both amusing and effective at gaining notoriety and influence.

Best Of: It’s pretty hard to overlook the PR successes they’ve had in the form of Fat Shaming Week and Reasons to Date Anorexic Girls.


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