Reading Roundup: 13-10-23

Global Warming Believers Are Feeling The Heat,” and “The Age Of Climate Alarmism of Coming to an End” – Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change alarmism as a political movement is running out of steam.  It has cried wolf too often, too loudly, with too little evidence to maintain credibility.  It’s a shame that some legitimate points have been overshadowed by the recklessness of the Green Extremes.

Speaking of crying wolf, Slate ran an article calling for the end of the overuse/misuse of the word “shaming.”  I hope this is the beginning of the end for this terminology.  “Stop shaming me!” is the Left’s equivalent of “But Jesus says…”  It is a nuclear conversation-ender used to avoid the consideration of any reason or viewpoints opposed to the speaker’s own.  American political and social discourse is hobbled by shackles like these placed on real conversations that need to happen.  If I had to place a time on when “Shaming” went terminal, it was when the fat acceptance movement jumped on-board and started complaining about “fat shaming”.  Return of Kings diagnosed the disease and launched it’s own awareness campaign of sorts with Fat Shaming Week, which surprised me by the amount of traction it gained in the mainstream blogging world.

Clearing this ancient link out of my to-do list: “Nudists Visit ‘Nude Men’ Museum Exhibit.”  I have no idea why I saved this link other than that it is obviously quirky and interesting.

Taxpayers Foot £350k Legal Bill for Muslim Pubic Hair Battle” – Filed under can’t-make-this-stuff-up.  At least the judge had sense to chastise the involved parties for this waste of legal resources.  As trivial as this seems, I suspect it will be just one more straw on the load that will eventually break the camel’s back in terms of Britain’s willingness to tolerate the growing troubles caused by the multiculturalist’s attempts to respect a culture that is not integrating.



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