Reading Roundup: 13-10-21

Clearing a massive backlog.

Housing development intended to accommodate deaf people is being challenged by the feds on the grounds that it discriminates against the able-bodied.  Not sure there is any ulterior motive or grand scheme at work here; this is just the fundamental flaws at the heart of affirmative action policies coming to fruition.

Britain is realizing that the non-integration of Muslim immigrants has resulted in a second legal system and a culture that doesn’t respect British law.  The fracture of multi-culturalists vs feminists (and really, multi-culturalists vs anyone who sees where this is heading) is being openly discuss.  The Revolution is already afoot in Europe.  In related news, France is swinging to the right and the media is pretending not to know why.

The Marine Corps is eliminating the flex-arm hang for women in their PT test and requiring them to do actual pullups.  Of course the standards are calculated off percentile scores relative to women-at-large rather than measures of absolute strength, so this doesn’t really legitimize the arguments put forward in favor of putting women in the combat arms.  There are no age, weight, or gender divisions in life or in combat.  Ever seen heavy furniture scale its weight down on moving day because your friends are small?

The Superintendent of the US Naval Academy is pressing forward with a sexual assault court martial against advice of investigators, his counsel, and the wishes of the alleged victim.  Draw your conclusions about the climate of political pressure and command influence in the military justice system.

I’m surprised this article made it to an official USAF webpage.  It hints at the “unconstitutional mentality of ‘guilty until proven innocent'” that is taking hold.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “customer loyalty.”  The ubiquitousness of consumer tech combined with the massive size and influence of the major tech companies is a force to be reckoned with.




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