Reading Roundup: 13-10-20

After a few weeks at this, it has become clear that I find more articles worth sharing per week than I can possibly comment on.  In recognition of that, I plan to dump my reading list to a post on a weekly basis with minimal commentary by me.  Read and enjoy!

Boys being kicked off girls’ volleyball team, and boy being kicked off girls’ field hockey team – Justification is that the boys are physically outmatching the girls and that it is unfair.  It’s difficult to believe a community would actually need to try this experiment and learn through experience before accepting and believing the inevitable outcome.  Food for thought:

  • Inherent differences between genders being acknowledged…only when they have begun to disadvantage the females
  • Second wave feminists-turned-soccer-moms are reconsidering long-held beliefs after watching little Susie get run over repeatedly by little Johnnie
  • Our culture continues to push to re-segregate these newly co-ed-ified sports teams for fairness when their outcome is a win/loss, yet remains on-track to co-ed-ify the military’s combat arms where the stakes are significantly higher and the enemy doesn’t care about fairness.  The double-think required is impressive.

Some guy hates on MillennialsSome guy defends themA woman takes older workers/management to task.  – This is an excellent example of a paradigm-shift in progress.  The first author’s points basically boil down to various ways in which the new generation is not living up to the old generation’s rules.  The second and third author acknowledge this, but return fire by pointing out that the old rules are rapidly becoming irrelevant.  Read carefully to see how many of the second author’s points are insightful identifications and condemnations of Catch-22 situations created by the old paradigm.  Gen X likes the concepts of efficiency and speed, but the Millennials grew up living them.  After reading all three articles, the Gen X author sounds a bit like a foreign language major trying to explain a that language to a native speaker…touching key issues but also totally missing the point.

40 Years of Ultimatums – Not a new post, but newly added to my bookmarks and lists of things to expand upon myself eventually.  A good primer on an ideological fault line of The Revolution I haven’t yet discussed.  While few suspect that the divides I see in the Left are going to fragment, even fewer understand that radical feminists and traditional conservatives have an alliance at all.  Peruse this article, especially the further articles it links to.  It’s not the most recent article of its type, but it sure merits a bookmark as a classic.


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