The Revolution: Gay Men Leaving The Party?

It appears I’m not the only blogger who anticipates The Revolution.

Ian Ironwood, proprietor of The Red Pill Room, posted an article today that almost feels like he beat me to the punch in terms of explaining the yet another ideological fault line within the Left that few are even aware exists.  I have already covered why I believe LGBT will be splitting from political feminism, as well as why (T)ransgender doesn’t fit so well with the rest of the LGB crowd.  In his article today*, Ian covers why the (G)ay crowd also is fundamentally at odds with political feminists and likely to pull away from the LGBT crowd as same-sex marriage becomes an accepted part of equal protection under the law.  Go check it out!

*Note: the article’s title, “The Lambda Factor,” refers to Vox’s socio-sexual hierarchy and his label for homosexuals in said hierarchy.  While I recommend reading it in its entirety; the (obviously tongue-in-cheek) relevant reference is listed below:

Lambda: Those men who have quite literally no interest in conventional male-female sexual relations.  They clearly have their own hierarchy of sorts, but I can’t say that I know much about it other than it appears to somehow involve youth, free weights, and mustaches.


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