The Revolution: Feminists Face Immigrants

One long-standing theme in the current American political spectrum is that the Left is an all-welcoming group of tolerance and love, and that the Right is full of xenophobic, anti-immigration bigots.

However, as my theory of The Revolution states, these current alliances will fall apart as they are forced to confront inherent conflicts in their ideologies.

First, the tolerance of the Left is obviously not what it claims to be.  In practice, tolerance in America has consisted of creating special protected classes and then sheltering any and all behavior from questioning, except when such behavior conflicts with higher Leftist priorities.  This can be seen in the Progressive’s negative attitudes towards women who prefer not to pursue a career.  It seems that women are free to choose whatever they want so long as they choose to do what their feminist overlords tell them.

A common critique of this hypocritical position is often posed as a whimsical, rhetorical question, “How will you tolerate those who won’t tolerate you?”  This doesn’t tend to gain much traction among those it is posed to, probably because it is a common-sense question devoid of the theories or fancy trans-cis-queer labels that the Left likes to deploy in their arguments.  In short, answering it seems beneath them.

However, this is an issue that the American Left is going to have to start facing in a hurry.  Europe, that culturally-progressive vanguard that the American Left likes to look to as an example of what to follow, has been swinging to the right in the past few years as it confronts the reality that it cannot culturally or economically sustain a massive influx of immigrants who refuse to assimilate.  In America, these same immigrants are one of the left’s protected classes; free to do nearly anything unchallenged.*  Yet this may be coming to an end.

Non-Western immigrants are bringing with them certain practices that the Left cannot tolerate, particularly ones with conflict with women’s rights.**  The Canadian medical community has been alerted to requests for virginity tests for young females, to ensure they “are still marriageable.”  Britain has charities and an underground movement to protect children being returned to their home countries for forced marriagesFrance has successfully prosecuted over 100 cases of female genital mutilation, and Britain is nearing its first prosecution for the practice.  Such instances cut deep into the Left’s position because it forces their hand in condemning religious and cultural practices as well as in demanding that immigrants assimilate into their new culture.  In this new stance, the Left becomes nearly indistinguishable from the Right.  The fact that a protected class could undermine the Left from inside the shelter the Left has given them is a level of internal dissent and betrayal that is certain to foster entirely new animosities on what has until now been a fairly quiet ideological fault line.  The way that clever immigrants have been turning Leftist establishments such as hate-crime laws back against the Left is ironic and funny, but also certain to cause discord.

“How will you tolerate those who won’t tolerate you?” was easy to ignore when it was academic.  Now that there is a real internal problem among progressives, we may finally begin to see the collapse of the protected-status-bubbles.

*California has gone so far as to begin the Newspeak transition from illegal immigrant to undocumented immigrant, as if their sole issue was that they just happened to not have documents.  Conveniently, this recasts them from being criminals to being people in need of a state-provided service; that of being provided official papers.  With a few changed words, the political machine of California has converted a large number of criminals into voters for their party.

**There is a hierarchy to the left’s protected classes.  Conflicts are ironed out according to which class is more protected.  Women’s issues tend to trump all others, making this issue a particularly powerful problem.

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