Blog Roll: Vox Day

Time to add to my blog roll.

The Blog: Vox Day, written by Theodore Beale/Vox Popoli, who also maintains Alpha Game Plan.  In his day job he is a sci-fi/fantasy author with quite a few books to his credit.

Why I Like It: Vox Day offers daily, often multiple-per-day, articles on current events that pay notice and dissect the baises behind their sources as well as places them in the context of mainstream and alternative narratives.  Alpha Game Plan is a spinoff from his original blog where he puts all of his romance and relationship-related articles, which still follow the same guidelines.  His articles on the internal politics of sci-fi authors and professional organizations is a niche that doesn’t get a lot of coverage on the web, but is fascinating nevertheless.  When you consider that this is a genre read predominantly by the middle class, technically inclined STEM guys who shape the world we live in, it takes on a few extra facets worth dwelling on.  The range, depth, and volume of commentary are all great.  I recommend anyone who likes anything I write add his blogs to your RSS feed.

Best Of: Once in a while a blogger writes a post that serves as a center, a foundation, and a reference point for related discussions.  Vox’s “The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy” is one such post.  This hierarchy serves as a reference for discussions of social dynamics on his blogs and elsewhere, and as such is worth reading if you are working your way through my blog roll.



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