The Revolution: Genetic Determinism, Gay Rights, and the End of Extremist Feminism

This is one of many forthcoming posts on The Revolution.  As a refresher, the American political landscape is currently dominated by alliances between groups that have hitherto overlooked fundamental contradictions between their ideologies out of common interests and enemies.  I refer to the inevitable reshuffling of those alliances as circumstances change as The Revolution. 

Extremist feminism is mortally wounded.  LGB* held it down, and Lady Gaga delivered the fatal blow.

Most people, from American political observers to man-on-the-street, take for granted the alliance between LBG rights and political feminism.  Both portray themselves as movements struggling for equal rights against religious old white men.  Their continued alliance seems like a given.  But place their positions side-by-side and something interesting comes to light.

LGB has made its advances largely by convincing the enough of the American public that homosexuality is not a deviant sexual choice but rather a genetically determined preference.  Their successes are significant.  Same-sex marriage is here to stay; holdout states will eventually be overwhelmed by the Constitutional requirement to recognize legal documents between states.  The Department of Defense’s mobile workforce will ensure each state faces a constant stream of same-sex marriages they have to recognize that they will all eventually cave.  Not only is same-sex marriage taking hold, but the industry of “converting” gays-to-straights is dying, with prominent figures closing shop and California banning the practice outright.  In a sure sign of how far this sentiment has penetrated society at-large, even rappers whose music openly celebrates nearly every sort of abuse and misuse of women (any anybody else, really) have been taken to task in the media over using gay slurs.

In short, LGB won because America is becoming to believe in genetic determinism.  This makes sense.  As it continues to probe, science will continue to discover correlations between human genes and certain physical and psychological traits.  However, at no point will they find a little tiny Jesus in someone’s DNA giving them moral instructions.  Religious hardliners may never be convinced by the ever-mounting pile of evidence presented to them, but they will never gain a tool with which to counter-attack in a public forum either.  Within two generations, gay-as-choice will sound as credible as phrenology does now.   This will be an idea-centric war of attrition.  As Max Plank said,

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

So, why does this matter to feminists?  It matters because nearly every influential variant of modern feminism advances as a core tenet that gender and gender roles are social constructs with no root in genetics.  In layman’s terms, modern feminists believe that being born biologically male or female does not predispose one towards masculine or feminine behavior; this is something foisted upon children by society.  Hence the plight of Baby Storm, the child raised with its biological gender a secret to all but a few family members.  Similarly, feminists mostly side-stepped the issues of physical differences between men and women in the issue of women in combat by instead criticizing statements by military leaders suggesting that women (as a whole) couldn’t psychologically or emotionally handle combat as well as men (as a whole), and again trumpeting their belief that gender is a social construct and denying psychological or emotional differences between males and females.**  In their quest for equality of condition (vice equality of opportunity or equal protection under the law), feminists have bound themselves to the belief that males and females are unconditionally equal, genetics-be-damned.***

And so it is that the very same science-based belief that LGB has ridden to great success in efforts to achieve equal protection under the law will inevitably undermine the cause of their present day allies, the political feminists.****


*I used LGB instead of LGBT on purpose.  LGB individuals are accepted already as the men/women they are, and their issue is access to a social institution.  Transgender’s issue revolves entirely around the idea that someone was born with a gendered persona in the wrong body.  This is a much, much more direct and acute threat to feminism’s tabula rasa view of gender roles.  I’ve read from time to time that transgender is the outcast among outcasts in the LGBT community, and I think this threat to feminist doctrine is a significant part of that.

**Further examples abound.  However, exactly how similar and how different feminists believe genders are tends to fluctuate on a case-by-case basis based on what helps the female cause.

***As already noted, this is why feminists do not back transgendered activists.  It would be counterproductive.

****In addition to their underlying ideological issues, they are rapidly losing common ground and common enemies.  But that is an issue for another article.

Edit: This video is a hilarious commentary on this situation.


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