The Revolution

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is the primary manufacturer and supplier of androids, robots and autonomic assistants for the known universe. They are known for their catchy jingles and catchphrases, supplied by their Marketing Department.

They are not, however, known for the quality of their products.

The Hitchhiker’s Travel Guide describes the Marketing Department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as:

“A bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.”

Curiously, an edition of the Encyclopedia Galactica which conveniently fell through a rift in the time-space continuum from 1000 years in the future describes the Marketing Department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as:

“A bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came.”

For the past two years I have believed that “The Revolution” is coming.  I don’t believe it will be violent, and I don’t believe it will be sudden.  In fact, the average man-on-the-street may not even notice it happening.

The revolution I refer to is a significant shift in alliances among special interest groups in American politics.  Consider that Lincoln was a Republican and, rightly or wrongly, gets a lot of credit in the collective consciousness for keeping the United States unified and abolishing slavery.  Compare that to the image of the Republican party today as the WASP party.  That is the magnitude of shift I am talking about.

Broadly speaking, the revolution will occur because as different groups achieve their common goals, they will diverge to pursue individual goals.  Further, the moderate cores of special interest groups will scale back their effort as their goals are achieved, leaving only the extremists moving forward.  Finally, the extremists who have used their ends to justify their means will begin to alienate their mainstream support as their demands become less reasonable and harder to justify.  In short, few people continue to look for something once they have found it, and even fewer people will help that person do the searching for the thing they have found!

I plan to use current events and news articles as springboards for discussions of individual issues.  Here is just a partial list of issues I hope to cover:

1) LGBT has recently achieved remarkable progress in securing equal treatment under the law, and the writing is on the wall for those attempting to hold on to discriminatory policies.  Accordingly, the LGBT movement will be scaling back its efforts and beginning to diverge from their allies in academic and extremist feminism.  Ironically, lesbian activism will provide straight men some much-needed leverage against straight women.

2) These same LGBT victories will force America to once and for all establish two boundaries that have so far been left intentionally fuzzy; that of what tolerance means vs what acceptance means, and to what degree either can be compelled by law.  Along the way, LGBT will lose a few allies and stir up opposition among previously silent and neutral crowds.

3) The feminist movement will lose steam for various reasons.  Numerous forms of buyer’s remorse are already taking hold of our culture.  The divide between the moderates and the extremists (or, in their terms, equity feminists and gender feminists) will become more pronounced, and the latter are about to begin alienating some key supporters.

4) The multiple economic trends are difficult to summarize concisely.  Suffice it to say, the ability of political parties to buy influence with taxpayer dollars through government programs is going to be diminished as tax dollars dry up and government programs begin to falter.  Simple economic self-interest will begin to fragment alliances.  Unviable socio-political arrangements that succeeded at the ballot box will be forced to confront their unviability as they face bankruptcy.

I wanted to get this post up early in order to provide a reference point for future articles. After this post I plan to set a more deliberate pace of 1-2 per week, in order to take more time to polish the ideas and writing.  Comments are welcome.  The best writers I read say the only way to improve is to get started, knowing full well almost all of your early work will be terrible.  So critique my terrible work!



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